Comprehensive patient support for FLEQSUVY (baclofen oral suspension), from office to pharmacy

Azurity Solutions offers guidance on medication approval, access, and co-pays to help eligible patients get their Azurity medications.

FLEQSUVY Prior Authorization Tools

Advocating for your patients in important prior authorization conversations.


Three tools for PA

Helping you focus less on paperwork and more on patients.

Option 1:

Start the prior authorization process with CoverMyMeds®, a third-party online resource for prior authorization paperwork

Option 2:

If needed, the prior authorization hotline is an additional resource to advocate for your patients


Option 3:

If insurance approval takes more than 48 hours, the Bridge Drug Program may help cover the gap

Start a CoverMyMeds® form

Log in to CoverMyMeds® or have your credentials ready before submitting

Call for support

  • Prior Authorization
  • Insurance Verification
  • Bridge Drug Program
  • Patient Assistance and Resources
  • Product Information

Prior authorization support hotline is provided by a third-party vendor


Patient Assistance Program Form

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