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Prescription coverage doesn’t have to be complicated— we’re by your side. Azurity Solutions is designed to help you get the Azurity medications your doctor prescribes.
Offering YOU Multiple Ways to Save...


Automatically lowering out-of-pocket costs at over 70,000 pharmacies


Advocating for you behind the scenes, with tools for your healthcare provider


Additional income-based financial help for patients without insurance

*For eligible patients with commercial insurance.
Approximate participating pharmacies for eVoucherRx™ and Voucher™ on Demand.
For eligible patients.
eVoucherRx™ is a trademark of RelayHealth.
Voucher on Demand™ is a trademark of eRx Network, LLC.

Patient Support for EPRONTIA®


Available for as little as $0* for commercially insured patients

Your out-of-pocket cost matters to us

Save with automatic co-pay support for EPRONTIA® at a pharmacy near you: no calls, cards, or coupons necessary.

More than 70,000 participating pharmacies

Paperless co-pay savings are available at virtually every pharmacy in the country.

Approximate participating pharmacies for eVoucherRx™ and Voucher on Demand™.

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Your access to EPRONTIA® shouldn’t be limited by your ability to pay. The Azurity Solutions Patient Assistance Program helps eligible patients get the financial support they need.

*Eligibility Restrictions, Terms, and Conditions

By participating in this savings program, participants understand and agree that the information provided, as well as non-personally identifiable information obtained from the pharmacy, will be shared with the manufacturer and with any companies working with the manufacturer. Participants also affirm that they will not submit, and have not had submitted on their behalf, a claim for reimbursement or coverage for items purchased with this card under Medicaid, Medicare, TRICARE, or any other federal or state government healthcare program, or where prohibited by state law.

  • Commercially insured patients may pay as little as $0. Benefit limitations apply.
  • Offer applies only to EPRONTIA® patients and associated refills
  • This offer is not valid for prescriptions paid in part or in full by any federally or state‐funded program, including but not limited to Medicaid, Medicare, Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense, or TRICARE, and where prohibited by law.
  • This savings program cannot be combined with any other coupon, cash discount card, certificate, voucher, or similar offer.
  • Offer good only in the USA at participating retail pharmacies and cannot be redeemed at government‐subsidized clinics. Void where taxed, restricted, or prohibited by law.
  • Offer not extended to clubs, groups, or organizations.
  • Participation in this program must comply with all applicable laws and contractual or other obligations as a pharmacy provider.
  • This is not an insurance program.
  • Participating patients and pharmacists understand and agree to comply with the Terms and Conditions of this offer as set forth herein.
  • Any step‐edits or prior authorizations required by the insurance plan still apply.
  • Azurity Pharmaceuticals, Inc. reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time.
  • eVoucherRx™ and Voucher on Demand™ are not extended on prescriptions for patients:
    • who are cash‐paying customers.
    • using institution-based pharmacies to fill their prescriptions, or who are recipients of federal or state government health care.
    • who are filling their prescriptions at nonparticipating pharmacies.

eVoucherRx™ is a trademark of RelayHealth.
Voucher on Demand™ is a trademark of eRx Network, LLC.

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